You’ve found the next generation of production for your music!

Our world class production team and musicians work totally online, to your brief, and turn your demo ideas into the best album you’ve ever released – we do the work while you’re writing the next song!


Whatever stage your song is at (an idea, lyrics, demo, or ready to mix) we will help you get it finished, mixed, and mastered into a world-class RADIO READY recording. We take care of the whole process, and are happy to collaborate with you on writing if needed. We’ve got the world’s best session musicians ready to go, and you’ll be absolutely amazed by the results.


Release & Promotion

When your song is finished, we are proud to offer the option of signing to our Radio Ready label. Easily get your music released on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify (and many more). We can arrange pressing of physical CDs, design and production of posters & merch, and even create your website and sales portals to help you turn all of your music and products into $$$!


Film & TV sync

When your music is released through our publishing label Radio Ready Productions, we’ll also pitch it for placement in film & TV. Some of our previous artists have placed in US TV shows including Kardashians, Law & Order, Surf Life as well as Box Office films. A great way to earn money from your music, and this service is included free with every recording package!



Hit play on this informative 1 minute video to find out how it works, and how you can get your song appraised for free – with no obligation to proceed! If you like our ideas, we’ll help you get started pimping your song.

Pricing Guide

We have a number of flexible pricing options:

Mix & Master Only – $440 

You provide the tracks, we mix and master them to perfection.

Lyricist Package – $440

Your written song or song lyrics made into a pristine acoustic arrangement, with professional vocalist if required.

Songwriter Package – $880

Drums, bass, guitar, keys, mix & master – the full production!

Deluxe Package – $1190

Only for the most serious customers, Deluxe includes all of the above plus synths, horns, strings, and any other production element to bring your song to life!


Send us your song and tell us your vision, and we’ll send you a full run-down of our creative ideas, along with some quote options you can review.




One price from start to finish!

Already recorded your music elsewhere, and think it could sound better? A bit muddy, tinny, or just not sitting right yet? We’re confident we can make it sound proper – we’ll mix your existing song(s) into something  more commercial and radio-friendly. All you need to do is upload your multi-track stems, we’ll do the rest.


The lyricist package is great for a ballad or acoustic song, even if you don’t have a melody yet! Ideal for lyricists – send your lyrics and we’ll create a custom composition to match, with professional vocals if required (save a few $ if you sing it yourself). It will stand alone as a demo of your song and can easily be built upon to create a complete production.

Our Songwriter package is the most popular choice for artists who write their own songs. It covers just about all genres and instruments – perfect for singer/songwriters who want to record a full band production release quickly and easily. This package also includes deluxe mastering, so there’s no more to pay.


DELUXE $1190
Our Deluxe package offers a no-compromises experience – unlimited revisions and instrumentation, any song length or genre, brass, strings, any instrument at all! With deluxe analog mastering included, you can achieve your musical vision with us, totally online.

All prices include GST. Yes, we offer a discount on multiple songs!


  • I believe nothing can be perfect, although this track is as close as it can get. Formidable production! Excellent players. merci

    Kingstson Twin Paris (FRA)
  • I had a great experience working with Quinn on our last EP. He excels at getting the best performances out of the musicians, working out harmonies for vocals and putting together great mixes. He has a good work ethic but at the same time is easy to deal with. It made the recording process a lot of fun and this comes across in the tracks from the EP.

    Stephen Taylor Brisbane (AUS)
  • Thanks guys, it was great working with you! From the beginning I knew it was going to be a great album! From the music brief to the last mixing session, it was just great having it all unfold in such a unique way. I got such an overwhelming reaction from my Pozible pledgers, with everyone saying the result was so amazing. You've made a believer out of me, you guys really know your song pimping stuff!

    Jess Alex Gold Coast (AUS)
  • Just awesome guys. So impressed with the sounds and with the mixes. Everything is just huge and the performances really stand out. My EP is exactly how I hoped, even better actually! Look forward to working with you again in future.

    Artzen Brisbane (AUS)
  • "They really knew what I was after. There was so much attention to detail, and they were really efficient. My song was done in just a few days. Hearing the end result was bliss - there was so much vibe! The track really came alive."

    Dane Laboyrie Sydney (AUS) Singer/Songwriter
  • A perfect balance of relaxed vibe and get-down-to-business attitude is what you’ll get with Pimp My Song. Professional, accomplished and there to embrace an artist’s ideas as well as contribute their own. These guys will bring your vision to life!

    Jason Campbell Smith Canberra (AUS)
  • Pleasantly surprised, James was able to get straight onto my songs. No messing around, refreshing after working with lots of musicians over the years. Kept me updated at every stage, vocal session was productive and not rushed. When I heard the master I could hardly beileive it was my song. 10/10 from me boys!

    L Shark Byron Bay (AUS)
  • In preparation for our very first album, we didn't know how get a sound the professionals without years of the training or taking out a huge loan to hire a producer here in Europe. Quinn and the team at Pimp My Song made it so easy, and our album was done so quick and so terrific! We have our first tour planned and we can't wait to show this record to everyone we meet on the way. Highly recommended service!

    Bigtop Squealers Berlin, GER
  • After heaps of half baked collabs with local hip-hop producers, Pimp my Song was the ones who finally delivered. They were able to follow my instructions down to a tee, and really nailed the 80's hip-hop vibe I was after. Creative loops and beats, tops vocal sound. Very happy thanks

    Solomon Melbourne (AUS)
  • Very impressed with the track James! Your session players are total guns, you even managed to fill our request to find the "Jimi Hendrix" of flute players! Would be happy to recommend your services to anyone.

    The Spencers Sydney (AUS)
  • "The experience I had with Pimp My Song was the thing I needed to kickstart my music career into momentum! The professional style recording environment made it so easy to adapt my own creativity into my original song. My ideas combined with the helpful, creative and experienced guidance from the producers at Pimp My Song enabled the song to be exactly how I imagined it to sound like. The producers were patient with recording, quick and efficient with mixing and I couldn't be happier with the end result!"

    DOFU Sydney (AUS) Singer/Songwriter
  • “They understood the way I like my and songs and stayed true to that, with the knowhow they have they added even more to it than I could have imagined at times. For years now I am sending songs to them and they make a great contribution with the debut album I’m working on, and beyond - simply because they are that awesome!”

    Jay Fiers Antwerp (BELGIUM) Singer/Songwriter
  • I've been a weekend warrior for many years, I've got a family and a successful real estate business. I've played guitar and written songs half my life but just never had the time or opportunity to pursue it seriously. When I saw your website I sent one of my latest song ideas, you had such great feedback and ideas for it that I thought - what the heck! Now we've done my first whole album and I'm feeling excited about music again - in fact I'm already planning a launch concert just as a start! Guys, I'm so grateful for how easy you made it for me, seeing my much-daydreamed about first album come 'alive', and it really does sound excellent. To anyone out there reading - take a chance like I did, you will not be disappointed!

    Anthony Hogan Houston, TX (USA)
  • The Pimp My Song guys really know their chops, are a great sounding board, care about the client's satisfaction, and they deliver! Top guys to work with too.

    MOG Wellington (NZ) Singer/Songwriter
  • The team at Pimp My Song guided me through process from the outset and kept me informed every step of the way to fulfil my vision. They were professional, friendly and an absolute pleasure to work with. They promptly delivered my song to me with results that captured my vision and exceeded my expectations with a very impressive and polished final version. I highly recommend using their services (and talents!) to produce what you are after.  They are confident that they will nail it and they do! It’s one of the best investments I have made.

    Fotios Kouts, Melbourne, AUS.

    Fotios Kouts Melbourne (AUS)
  • Yes!!! Just perfect, absolutely no revisions at all. Insanely authentic soul sound, exactly what I was after. Will be in touch shortly to record the next song. Thanks!!! W

    Wooler Welsh Wellington (NZ)


We’re artists too, and we understand that artists simply want an affordable, creative service that takes music from a starting point to a finished product. We’ll produce an absolutely outstanding recording using our unique process, without the need for expensive, drawn-out sessions. A totally online service too! Contact us today to find out more.





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