The Story Behind

As a production team of more than 10 years experience, we often get asked how Pimp My Song began. Back in the days of yore, as producers & musicians collaborating regularly, we each operated our own separate recording facility. Over time, we started to work with each other using the internet, and found it really convenient – so why not the same for our customers? This gives you access to our huge network of super-talented session players from all over the world!

We’re here to make an amazing song, EP or album for you. To get started, even only half a demo or a simple idea is enough, we can do the rest! Now you can finally record your music properly without needing a band or a studio. Check our availability and pricing via the front page form today, and send us your demos so we can discuss them with you. Read on below for a bit more about us!

James, Quinn, Vinny and Rob

Meet The Team

  • Quinn McHugh
    Quinn McHugh Artist Development | Producer

    When it comes to the music scene, Quinn McHugh is the hard-faced sergeant that somehow survived 5 tours in ‘Nam. He’s fronted touring bands, played more shows than he’ll ever admit, and sung on innumerate vocal sessions and voiceovers. He’s managed artists and bands, all the way from graphic design and styling through to artist development and promotion. Amidst this, he’s produced songs for hundreds of Aussie artists, with placements in Hollywood film and US TV shows. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also multi-lingual, speaking both Australian and English, stretching to some American in a pinch.

  • James Fox Higgins
    James Fox Higgins Studio Designer | Chief Producer

    Growing up a stone’s throw from Byron Bay NSW, James made his production debut at age 13, using a hand-me-down Casio keyboard and a reel-to-reel tape machine. With thousands of productions to his name, he’s become a go-to producer for artists, TV and radio studios worldwide, and the demand for his magic mixes and proven results isn’t showing any signs of slowing. As well as our chief producer, he’s the owner, operator and designer of our Foxden studio, has produced ARIA-nominated artists, toured the world, and shared stages and studios with the likes of Jamiroquai, Brand New Heavies, Los Amigos Invisibles, David Ryan Harris, David Morales, and Earth Wind & Fire.

  • Vincent Perry
    Vincent Perry Drummer, Vintage gear specialist | Producer

    From humble beginnings in his primary school marching band, Vincent Perry is now one of Brisbane’s hardest working drummers, his apprenticeship served busking on the mean streets of Fortitude Valley. After receiving First Class Honours for his PhD research in Motown recordings and analog and vintage studio recording techniques, Vincent spends his leisure time playing deadly beats and at the console producing tunes, tracking drums, talking drums, tweeting pictures of vintage drums and analog gear, and pretty much sleeping with all his drums.

  • Rob McMullan
    Rob McMullan Analog Mastering Engineer | Producer

    Rob McMullan is our resident mastering engineer, with superman-like ability to know exactly which preamp has been used on a mix. He’s quite a handy fellow too, as he’s also a flamenco guitarist, bass guitarist and vocalist, having been a career musician for the last 16 years. He is one of Queensland’s most heavily booked musicians, and his a one-of-a-kind, dedicated mastering facility on the Gold Coast is our mastering HQ. He has shared the stage and the studio all around the world with renowned acts such as Incognito, Joe Zawinal, Kiss, Katie Noonan, Shannon Noll, and Daryl Braithwaite.

Our custom-built, dedicated facility

At Pimp My Song, we knew we’d need a place to hang out and get some serious work done. So, we decided to build our own recording studio to do exactly that! The Foxden Studio is our creative HQ and coming to work each day is always a pleasant surprise – we never know what awesome demos will be waiting in our inbox – and there’s never a dull moment amongst the workflow, banter, cast of hilarious characters, and of course, coffee by the bucketload.

A Gear Nerd’s Paradise

Our dedicated and purpose-built recording facility Foxden Studio is tucked into the idyllic hills near Byron Bay in Australia. We’ll often get asked about our gear, and while we think the performances, arrangement and vibe are the most important parts of a record, the equipment used does matter too. So here’s the ins and outs! (see what we did there?)

We’re rocking a solid collection of recording equipment, working with the latest version of ProTools with industry standard plugins from Universal Audio, Native Instruments, Slate Digital and more. We use high-end Apogee converters and we have a huge collection of modern and vintage microphones by Neumann, Shure, Reslo, Rode, Golden Age Project, EV, AKG, and more, plus preamps and dynamics by Avalon, Daking, Lindell Audio, API, Focusrite, Apogee, JLM, A.R.T., Ashly, Tascam, Fostex, SM Pro Audio, FMR Audio and always more coming!

We use outboard effects by Yamaha, Lexicon, Electrix, and the coveted TC Electronic Reverb 4000, along with its siblings the G-Major 2 and D-Two delay system.

We also have a vintage inline recording console by Tascam, along with its partner 16 track 1-inch tape machine for that full analog approach, where suited.

We’ve got a dedicated vocal-booth/tree-house positioned delightfully above the console, we’ve got air conditioning, a big comfy couch, an Xbox, Nintendo 64, and a host of modern and vintage acoustic and electric guitars, basses, a Hammond Organ with Leslie speaker, a Yamaha CP-70 electric baby-grand and a bunch of other rare and tasty synths, organs and effects units.

Through our recent endorsement arrangement with TC Helicon, we have a full compliment of TC Helicon and TC Electronic effects pedals and processors, and we also have our own cabinet full of GoPros and Canon DSLR cameras ready to make in-house videos on a whim. Check out our FOXDEN SESSIONS in the blog to see all of this in action!

This one-of-a-kind center of productive creativity is now available to you exclusively via Pimp My Song. Send us your demo or say hello (via the form above) to get started, and any/all of the above will be playing its part in turning your song into a radio ready joint!

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