Welcome to this shiny new website for Pimp My Song. I’m really excited to launch this new brand and service, it has been many years in the making and the development of the website and initial video material has been all-consuming in the last months.

My name is James Fox Higgins, and I am a lifelong musician, songwriter, producer and performing artist. I knew from the age of 8 years old that music was what I wanted to do. I was hungry to learn and I spent all of my teen years locking myself in my room after school with a 4-track tape recorder and any instruments I could get my hands on, learning a bunch of skills simultaneously: how to play guitar, how to play keyboards, how to sing, how to write a song, how to record the songs I wrote, how to arrange, and how to produce and mix a multi-track recording. This passion was the singular focus of my youth, and it wasn’t long before I dropped out of High School and snuck my way into the Queensland Conservatorium of Music to start a Bachelor of Popular Music degree, where I was given (almost) unfettered access to millions of dollars worth of studio equipment – beautiful pieces of software and hardware made by the likes of Avid (Pro Tools), SSL, Neve, API, Avalon, Universal Audio, AKG, Sennheiser, Neumann, Soundelux, Shure and more and more. I another spent three years locking myself in industry standard recording spaces and continuing my obsessive journey towards being a professional music producer. After I finished uni, I was a typically broke ex-student and I realised I needed to start making a living, but I’d damned if I was going to get a real job, so I put together my first covers act and started playing in bars around South East Queensland, in Australia. Simultaneously, I started working on my first professional album with my band Nude Continuum. We launched this album in 2008 and it was met with critical acclaim and an invitation to come to Germany and perform its songs on stage with JamiroquaiBrand New Heavies and a host of other talented funk and soul musicians. This was the start of my professional career as a songwriting, performing music producer. Fast forward almost ten years, and things have just been growing and growing.

Here’s me a couple of years ago playing my single “1975 (Wish I Was There)” with my favourite Sydney musicians at a funky little jazz bar we used to gig at:

I won’t bore you with my whole life story – I have plenty of crazy stories to tell that I’ll share in future blog posts. Today, I sit inside a dream come true – a custom designed and hand-built recording facility that I made myself, exactly how I wanted it made. The 13 year old me with the 4-track tape machine borrowed from school was dreaming of this, and today it’s real! I worked hard, got really good at what I do, made great friends and professional connections along the way, and now I spend all day, every day, making epic, polished, radio-ready recordings for myself, my friends, and now for people like you.

mixconsoleRECThe idea to open up my services to the world through an online music production platform came about back in 2008 when we were in Germany playing at that fateful music festival with Jamiroquai. There was a young Belgian kid there by the name of Jay Fiers, a fellow Jamiroquai fan who had come to be a fan of the music we were making too. We hung out a bit during that European tour, he tagged along with us and we listened to music, talked songwriting and got nerdy talking about our favourite songs. He told me he was an aspiring songwriter, but he didn’t know how to get his rough song ideas to sound any good. I offered to help. He started emailing me song ideas, and I started changing them from fairly rough demo quality collections of (sometimes random) ideas and bringing them together into a polished sonic form that made sense. I laid guitar and bass down for him, we put down great sounding drums and in some songs we even put a string section in. He was overjoyed with the result and it was the start of a beautiful working relationship that continues to this day. He was my first online production client.

For years after this I just kept working mostly with local clients, producing EP after album for Australian bands, mostly in Brisbane and Sydney where I have lived on and off over the years. It wasn’t until Jay contacted me again with another track – right while I was in the middle of building Foxden Studio, my dream production facility – that I realised this was something I could offer to many more people.

yamahacp70RECI spend all day everyday working in my studio on music for myself and my friends, I have musicians coming in every day to hang out and record parts, why not organise this awesome crew in this facility and offer our talents and abilities to people all over the world! I did some market research and found that no one else was offering this kind of amazing personal service, except in very localized circumstances, and I couldn’t believe what they were charging! I got quotes back of $3000 a song, $5000 a song! And I would have to travel to Los Angeles, Melbourne or Oslo to work with these people, which would add god-knows-how-much to the bill. It was time to take action to rectify this awful situation.

I decided to make top-notch professional production available to EVERYONE, at affordable rates, with highly customised approaches and a personal touch. I needed to become a production pimp, and so Pimp My Song was born.

If you want to get your song idea (no matter how rough or incomplete it is) turned into a radio-ready recording, then fill in the form here and we’ll get started with you right away!

Thanks for reading this first chapter, I’m going to share more stories with you in the future. Sign up to the mailing list to get them straight into your email inbox, and you can also join us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to keep up with all the news and offers coming out of our facility. Don’t hesitate to send me an email at info@pimpmysong.com.au if you want to ask any questions, otherwise check out all the great videos and info here on the website and find out what we can do to help turn your song ideas into epic, polished, radio-ready recordings!