Terms & Conditions

Here's the fine print. Any questions, let us know!

Please carefully read these terms and conditions. By making a payment to our account for your production to commence, you are accepting these terms and conditions as the terms of our agreement.


Production of your song begins once a 50% deposit is received. Work will then commence as quickly as possible based around our current production schedule.  Generally this is no more than a month, but if not we’ll let you know in advance.

First step is to workshop the production details with you. We’ll need to gather info on chords/melody, lyrics, genre, references material etc. When we’ve got that info we start the production schedule. After this has been completed, you’ll be sent a rough mix as an MP3.

At this point we’ll seek your feedback and appraisal, and if you are happy with where it is heading, your final payment of the remaining 50% will move the production into final mix and master. If you have any revisions at this stage, we’ll do our best to make them within the framework of the production details as agreed at outset.

Please note that the 50% down payment is non-refundable, but the rough mix will be yours to keep if, for any unlikely reason, you decided not to proceed all the way. You are not obligated to pay the final 50% if you don’t believe the final mix will represent what you were hoping for, however without the final payment we will not be able to deliver a full length or full quality mix to you.


When your final payment is received we will send you a revised rough mix in full quality and full length. This is your chance to spend a week thinking about any changes or revisions, or if you wish to add on any instruments. Let us know within that week if you have revisions to be made or not. If you have some revisions to make we will fulfil them as quickly as possible and return another rough mix to you.

It’s very rarely necessary, but do note that any further revisions from this stage will cost extra. In this case the funds for extra revisions will be required in advance, and once paid the requested revisions will be made. Generally any revisions after the one week final mix process will be charged at 50% of the original price of the instrument module. Where our horn section costs $220 for the initial recording, and NOTHING for the first revision, any additional revision will cost an additional $110. But believe us, if you get us lots of great detailed information about what you’re after nice and early, if you describe your vision accurately, and if you give us reference material that you would love to emulate and strive for, we will nail it and you will love it! We are confident that we can deliver a satisfactory finished product the FIRST time, without the need for revisions, but we want you to feel covered in the unlikely event that this occurs. We’ll be working hard to get the song up to the standard and sound you hope for.

At final mix stage, if we do not hear from you within the week we will proceed with the final mix and (if relevant) master and deliver it to you in full CD quality.


We will retain legal ownership and copyright of the sound recording we produce until your final payment is received. Once we have received payment in full, the ownership of the recording becomes yours forever and we deliver the full length, full quality rough mix, then revised mix, then final mix and master to you. You own the copyright on these Stereo Master Recordings and they’re yours to use as you please forevermore.

You may wish to have alternate mixes produced for your archival or release purposes – such as an a cappella mix (vocals only) or instrumental mix, or perhaps a stripped-back acoustic mix. We can provide these alternate mixes for you at a cost of $165 per remix, which includes the mastering process if relevant to your main mix production.

Should you wish to take ownership of the embedded individual tracks of the ProTools session, we can provide you with stems for $550 including postage if relevant. In this case we will bounce each track out of ProTools and burn them to a DVD for postage to you. Note that we can’t give you our actual ProTools session file – there’s too many trade secrets in there! 


You will have the exclusive right to publish, promote, broadcast and sell your finished song in any format or medium you wish. Our involvement here is limited only to reserving the right to post your song, or excerpts from your song, on our website, youtube channel, or other promotional media that directly relates to PimpMySong.com.au, Foxden Studios (our dedicated recording facility), or Quick Brown Fox Music (our parent company). This is for promotional purposes only. In some case this may include a “before and after” comparing the demo to the end result. If you’d still rather we didn’t use the demo, let us know, and we won’t. 


The copyrights of the song fall into one of two categories, depending on the nature of our production for you. Firstly, if your songwriting process is complete or mostly complete (melody, lyrics and chords) and simply needs a recording produced, or just a few suggestions here and there from us, you will retain full ownership of your song and it is up to you to publish it or register it with a relevant publishing right organisation in your country.

Otherwise, if your song is incomplete i.e. has a melody and lyrics, but no chords, or has chords and lyrics but no melody, or has chords and melody but no lyrics (except in the case of intentionally instrumental songs), or has melody but no chords or lyrics, or has chords but no melody or lyrics, or has lyrics but no chords or melody; then our first service to you (before beginning the recording production) is to finish the writing the song. This is included in the price!

By having your Pimp My Song as a co-writer, it will be a creative co-ownership of the song. The songwriters (being us and you, at whatever agreed split is fair depending on the work that needs doing), will receive royalty remuneration wherever appropriate.

When we co-write a song with you, we will register it on completion with APRA (the Australasian Performing Right Association) so that collection of Royalties can begin immediately on our respective behalves.

Basically, these are the ways we figure the split out. We’ll talk it over first of course, but as a guide: Lyrics (33%) Melody (34%), Chords (33%). If you’ve written the lyrics and melody you will receive 67% and we will receive 33% for writing the chords for you. If you need help finishing the lyrics off, we’ll divide the 33% of lyrics by the rough proportion of our contribution. For example, if you have the chorus lyrics, but we write the verses, we will claim 16-25 points of the 33% assigned to lyrics, depending on the number of verses in the song and where most of the words are situated. Phew!

If your songwriting is completed as an instrumental at the time we work on it, but you plan to later add your own lyrics and verses in your own time, then of course we will not be songwriting contributors. Where there is any songwriting contribution required from us, we’ll work out the details mutually via email so it’s all written down up front ahead of commencing any work.

Well done, you made it through the whole thing!

Now let’s get working on those songs of yours.